Neurocycle Therapeutics currently has two major lines of research. Both focus on subtype-selective modulation of the GABAA receptor, but achieve it by interacting at different binding sites. This enables each program to achieve a unique selectivity profile that optimizes them for use in our targeted indications.  

The first focuses on developing new subtype-selective GABAA receptor modulators that interact at the benzodiazepine binding site. Our non-sedating compounds are currently being developed as novel treatments of pruritus and pain. Our itch candidate, NCT-10004, has succesfully completed human phase 1 single ascending dose studies, and our lead compound for neuropathic pain, NCT-10001, is at the candidate-selection stage.

Our second line of research focuses on the discovery and development of glycine receptor modulators for treatment of chronic pain.

Target Indications


Atopic Dermatitis
Neuropathic Pain