NCT-10004 effectively treats itch in mice and dogs.

NCT-10004 reduces scratching to near baseline levels in multiple mouse models of itch -including a chronic dosing model. More importantly, it significantly reduces the amount of scratching in the dog house-dust-mite model of atopic dermatitis. This model is the gold-standard in evaluation of therapeutics for itch related to atopic dermatitis. Because NCT-10004 stops itch signals in the spinal cord, we expect it is effective against all causes of itch.

Our candidate is an a2/a3-subtype selective positive allosteric modulator of the GABAA receptor. Because of its selectivity, it does not show side effects associated with non-selective GABAA receptor modulators in either rodents or primates at 50x the therapeutic dose level and full receptor occupancy.

Neurocycle Therapeutics is currently developing NCT-10004 as a novel treatment of canine pruritus and atopic dermatitis in humans.

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