NeuroCycle Therapeutics uses cutting-edge science and in-house pharmaceutical expertise to deliver breakthough central nervous system (CNS) therapies for human and animal patients.

Our focus is selective modulation of neuronal ion channels, which are among the most critical CNS targets. Our lead candidates, NCT-10004 and NCT-10001, effectively relieve itch and pain in animal models. Our neurosteroid program focuses on effective treatment of refractory epilepsy and postpartum depression. Our unique biocatalytic medicinal chemistry platform allows us to make drug structures that our competitors can’t. This allows us to realize the full potential of the privileged drug scaffolds that have served as the foundation for numerous important therapeutics.

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NeuroCycle Therapeutics uses scientific innovation to develop CNS drugs. Our goal is to become a leader in the industry.

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We use the latest neuroscience research from leading academic experts to discover and develop new CNS drugs.

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