We discover and develop small molecules that target the central nervous system.

Selective modulation of specific neuronal ion channels maximizes effectiveness and minimizes side effects.

By selectively targeting a newly-identified mechanism of action, our lead candidate (NCT10004) effectively reduced itch to near-baseline levels across a broad range of models including allergic and contact dermatitis models. Our selective compounds also produced significant relief of chronic pain in multiple studies and showed excellent efficacy in models of epilepsy. These compounds act quickly, do not suppress the immune system, show no signs of dependency/addiction, and do not lose efficacy over time. Our objective is to deliver next generation treatments for itch, pain, and certain refractory forms of pediatric epilepsy that are superior or complementary to existing treatments.

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NeuroCycle Therapeutics uses scientific innovation to develop CNS drugs. Our goal is to become a leader in the industry.

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We use the latest neuroscience research from leading academic experts to discover and develop new CNS drugs.

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